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Project Planning Document




Introduction 3-4

Aims and Objectives 5-6

Project Scope, Milestones, Main Tasks and Deliverables 7-8

Source of Information and Resources Required 8

Project Risks 9-10

Evaluation of Professional, Social, Ethical and Legal Issues 11

Gantt Chart 12

Reference 13

1. Introduction

During this project an E-Menu service for restaurants will be designed and created. The system will allow customers to order food and drink at the comfort of their own table, using a touch panel technology installed on every table in the restaurant. Each table top device allows the user to read detailed descriptions of the dishes and beverages available, whilst also displaying an image of the selected item.

Placing this system in a wider context – The E-menu service is diverse and can be incorporated to work with any restaurants’ menu. The need for this service:

• Improvement of the ordering experience and achieving a better service.

• Optimization of customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

• Development of new revenue sources for the business.

Current E-menu Market Research

Conceptic is a Hi tech company established in 2005 that is active in the field of digital menus for restaurants, pubs and coffee shops (Israel Exporter 2012). The company is based in Israel and currently offers a comparable service to the one I wish to create.

Facts and Figures (Conceptic Interactive Menus 2012). 

• Table Side eMenu, 13% Increase in sales.

• Touch Screen Menu for waiting area 5min faster table turn around.

• Ipad Menu Wine List 24% Increase in Sales.

• Ipad Menu Food List 9% Increase in Sales.

• Members’ club sign ups 520% increase.

The e-Menu service will benefit any establishment it is installed into. developing an electronic menu o The e-Menu service offers many benefits to users, in particular with the presentation of your restaurant's menu items and the overall enhanced atmosphere it lends to the dining experience:

The e-Menu offers far more than the standard paper menu. It brings food to life with vivid photographs of delicious looking meals and comprehensive up-to-date descriptions of each dish. Customers are able to view exactly what they are ordering, eliminating any confusion when the food arrives. Dietary constraints such as nut or gluten allergies will also be displayed when browsing the menu. Diners are also able to see your restaurant's specials on the screen - not tucked away on a faded chalkboard or on an insert in your usual menu.

Food is only part of the dining experience. There's also the crucial element of creating the best possible atmosphere in which to enjoy a meal. The e-Menu offers a multitude of ways diners can entertain themselves in the process or even during the meal. The customers can choose from many entertainment features offered on the eMenu:

• Listen to a their favourite band
• Enjoy video clips
• Play interactive games 
• On-screen "chatting" with diners at other tables   A great deal of research has been done before implicating the project. A lot of different aspects go into a successful ordering system, it must be user friendly/easy to use, have no maintenance issues, robust, longevity within the restaurant and cost effective.

2. Aims and Objectives


To create a working version of the E-Menu service.


All objectives follow SMART methodology (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound):

• Create a user friendly e-Menu interface, which is quick and easy to navigate through. Usability is fundamental to this system, if the customer doesn’t understand how to navigate through the menu to order their food and...

References: o Conceptic Interactive Menus. (2012). Home Page. Available: http://www.emenu-international.com/. Last accessed 23rd Oct 2012.
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Gantt Chart for my project.
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