A Neurobiological Perspective on Early Human Deprivation Essays

Topics: Nervous system, Neuron, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: September 26, 2011
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In the world that we all live in there are two different types of care systems; foster care mainly in the United States and institutionalizations located more in European countries. Foster care and institutions are very similar, but institutions are more formalized. Even though institutions are more formalized, they also seem much worse on children than foster care. In the article, “A Neurobiological Perspective on Early Human Deprivation” by Charles A. Nelson (2007), explains how institutionalization is bad for children. The main idea throughout the article explains how early institutionalization affects children of all ages. Not only does the article explain the effects on overall development, but it also concentrates mostly on brain development

To begin, early institutionalization has affects on brain development. In institutions children do not receive as much stimulation as they would in a home environment. Not receiving proper stimulation is bad because, the child's neurons will not make proper connections. Not only is proper connections needed for the child, but the neurons myelin sheath won't fully develop. The myelin sheath helps transmit information and signals from one neuron to the next; the researchers found, that compared to a control group, children's “ white matter connectivity diminishes through the uncinate fasciculus region of the brain.” (2007, pg 59) Not only does lack of stimulation affect the brain, but also affects over all development.

Another effect of...
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