A Minute to Win it: A 60 Second Pitch by Pacita Juan

Topics: Middle class, Sustainability, Working class Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: April 24, 2012
A minute to win it: a 60 second pitch by Pacita Juan

The 60 second pitch of Pacita Juan was about her business ECHOstore. In her pitch she mentioned that the business was about promoting sustainable lifestyle, environment, hope, community, organization and a lot will benefit on it. This was done through the products and services available in her business. To create more stores, 85,000 US dollars is needed. The business concept includes an ECHO café, ECHOstore gondola, and ECHOteach. The ECHO cafe serves organic healthful foods, juices and coffee, and showcases handicrafts and products made from recyclable and sustainable materials from marginalized communities. ECHOstore gondola is a compact version of the café placed in hotels and airports. Lastly, the ECHOteach provides services that teach the community a sustainable livelihood. They are selling their products and providing their services to the A market, those who have disposable income and aware of social responsibility. Also, they’re planning to have an expansion to malls and other countries and will have an innovative distribution of their products through “ECHO on WHEELS”.

The business concept of ECHOstore is two thumbs up; market integration and innovation at the same time. They’re helping the community in many ways; they find a partner community that makes their ecofriendly, cultural and artisanal hand-made products, promotes organic products through selling organic foods and drinks, and promotes social responsibility by allowing the consumers on choosing products that are environmental friendly than those that aren’t. It is a great idea to combine services that gives the community sustainable livelihood programs, selling of organic food, cosmetics and handicrafts made out of recyclable materials, and holding activities such as lectures and seminars on sustainable living, climate change, health and wellness, and business ideas for the customers and the community as well.

Pacita Juan and her...
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