A famous Spanish scientist

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A famous Spanish scientist

Santiago Ramon y Cajal 1852-1934

He was one of the greatest Spanish scientists of the 19th and early 20th centuries. His study of the brain and nerve cells laid the groundwork for neuroscience. He was not a man who kept his studies to one specific field, but rather made lasting important contributions to several fields. He was highly rewarded not only for his laboratory work, but also for his scientific writings and illustrations.

Cajal tells his life story in a way that holds the reader's attention through all of his accomplishments. Cajal was a boy, who from a young age was not unknown to mischief; he spent most of his time outside of school with his friends making trouble in the local village. They would spend their time trespassing in local gardens, stealing flowers and fruits, or building contraptions to Cajal's boyhood mischief was what led him to make his first childhood discovery. As usual he had been in trouble at school, and because he did not respond well to regular punishments, Cajal's teachers decided to teach him some manners, they would prevent him from eating throughout the day by locking him in a dark room after school without light until after dinner was over. Although this punishment was severe, Cajal made the best of it. One day after school, as he was in this room, he realized that there was a little slit in the shades that light could pass through. The light projected an image of the scene outside onto the ceiling of the room. Cajal also realized that when the opening, light became larger, the image became less focused, and as the opening became smaller, the images became more focused, this is one of his discoveries. With this people start respecting him and then he learned to conduct himself in front of others. Cajal received many prizes, distinctions and societal memberships along his scientific career including an honorary Doctorates in Medicine of the Universities of Cambridge and...
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