A drop in ocean

Topics: Thought, Mind, Cognition Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: December 9, 2013
“Drops drops make the ocean”. It is a common saying we listened from our parents, teachers and elders. “We should not waste things unnecessarily, even if they are small because drops and drops make the ocean”. Most of the people are only confined only within it which I am seen as the most important cause of lagging behind. Due to our traditional concept we don’t dare to think those things differently than it is done by the contemporary society. As new things and concepts are not easily accepted in our societies we don’t want ourselves to be in problem unnecessarily. I have got that this problem has caused the innovative thinking in our societies die in the mind and hearts. Now, being called as the youngsters of so called 21st century we must try to change our concept with the concept of the society. We should try to think differently with some analysis power. I think a proverb “Don’t read if you believe all what you read “can describe well the thing I want to say. But I does not mean to say don’t believe in the things like “Earth revolve round the sun”……………………….. Most of the people make the wrong interpretation of the thing to make it puzzling. “Drops and drops make the ocean” we all know it BUT why cannot we think the ocean does not dry if we take a single drop out of it. We always think to save small things to make the ocean out of it but we don’t think the small thing does not cause the ocean to dry, does it? May it be useful for some useful thing today? To me, “Don’t die today for living tomorrow!” Live today, enjoy today who knows you will live tomorrow. At the same time I don’t mean to say don’t waste all the resource because the ocean may also dry………………………………. And who knows may you live tomorrow.

Think for tomorrow but plan well today.
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