Years of Wonders

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Years of wonders - March 1665
Mary cooper, who is a widow of a led miner Edward cooper, re- married a tailor called Alexander Hadfield. Mary and Alexander Hadfield lived in a small cottage in the village of Eyam. Alexander- in order for him to supply his costumes with the best fashion, he would order his cloth from London. ate august early September 1665 cloth was delivered to the Hadfield cottage. George vicars – who is a tailor from London who worked for Alexander -When George and Alexander stared to unpack the delivery they noticed a off smell, and also noticed that the cloth was damp. To fix the problem George laid out the cloth in the kitchen, next to the fair place to air out. - The cloth was contaminated with fleas

-The fleas where from London and was transported by the cloth. The heat form the fire made the fleas to release to go and search for food. Usually these fleas normally feed on rat’s blood. But due to the absent of the rats they feed on the blood of humans.

The fleas started on George who bought his death only 7 days later. This was when the Eyam plague stared George died on the 7th of September 1665

People in the village had died within 3 weeks when the plague was established. By the 12 of June 76 people had died
William van took it upon himself to get the situation on hands. He had 3 parts to his plan
1st the family should themselves bury they dead bodies, on they own property. 2nd the church will be closed until the plague was over.
3rd seal off the village – self imposed quarantine to ensure that the plague didn't spread to the surrounding villages. The people of Eyam had to stay and wait for the plague to reach them

Talbot family
They lived 1 mile away from the village. They hoped that they were far enough away from the plague but they were wrong. Bridget (30) and Mary (18) died on the 5th of July
2 days later on the 7th of July Ann. (5) died
10 days after her death Jane (8) died on the 17th of July
Katherine on...
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