Why do people use acohol ?

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Question 1

Why do people use alcohol?

I believe people used alcohol for many reasons. I examine what reasons are and why do they drink . The reasons come in many. My two main reasons are for stress and it's culturally normalized, and mainly out of curiosity. To me This list is very accurate to why people use Alcohol. The web site that I have visit for my research on these topics of alcohol is nblog.org/why-do-people-start-drinking-alcohol-top-10-reasons.

When people use alcohol for the effect only. For the central nervous system . As a stress reliever may temporally relieve stress, or sometimes doing the exact opposite. This a failure way to relive stress. Alcohol makes you escape for a second but it let you remain in problems forever.

Drinking is very culturally normalize everywhere. Today alcohol is widely available and aggressively promoted through TV, Radio and ads on the internet . This make drinking apart of life. What ever a person see on TV is temptation especially if its Alcohol . The Presence of Alcohol is nothing special in fact even when Jesus walked the earth they were using Alcohol .
Sometimes people also drink out of curiosity just drank to experiment with alcohol. This experiment with alcohol can judge whether drinking is for them. Also drinking in most homes are not tolerated so it give teens a thrill to get away with it. The expression “ Curiosity kill the cat” can apply towards Alcohol. Alcohol may either be good the first time or bad according to what brand your drinking. These are mainly for teens who notice others doing this and why shouldn’t they do it .

Peer pressure is...
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