Whole Foods: Market Analysis

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Executive Summary
Whole foods has been a major natural and organic supermarket player since it was founded in 1980. It’s success can be linked to number of different factors, arguably the most valuable of which was the development of their “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet” slogan in the late 90’s. This was a key factor in their success, it outlines Whole foods most basic mission and has been the mantra in which all value, vision, and growth decisions are derived. The whole foods part of the slogan refers to their niche product lines. Whole Foods has a passion for organic and all natural inventory. In the United States there has been an increasing concern with health, healthy eating, and health sustainability, the consumption of organic food has been on an upward trend since the mid 90’s. Whole foods has worked tirelessly and successfully at targeting and maintaining a great deal of market share within this niche. The whole planet part of the slogan draws in the community involvement Whole foods strives for by donating to local charities, buying from local suppliers, and encouraging sustainability. Whole foods authorizes stores to use their discretion and purchase products and produce from local organic farmers. The worldly view is also captured by Whole Foods’ relentless encouragement for recycling and, notably, the removal the plastic bag as a grocery packing option. The whole people aspect of the slogan has affected employees as well as customers. Every Whole Foods store is unique to the region, therefore, stocking and ordering product is done in a decentralized fashion to cater to the needs of the local community. This also encourages employees to play an active role in the everyday work environment and helps to cultivate a strong team culture. There are specialized employment positions throughout the store and employees are promoted from within to encourage them to make careers out of their employment. Ultimately the focal point and success of the...

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