Topics: Whole Foods Market, Organic food, Wild Oats Markets Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: November 19, 2013
6. How well is Whole Foods Market performing from a strategic perspective? 6.1 Does Whole Foods enjoy a competitive advantage over its rivals? 6.2 Does the company have a winning strategy?

Whole Food Market has considerably increased their stores and market share, even though their expansion they were still capable of providing excellent quality on their products to their customers, so from a strategic perspective its accurate to assure that Whole Market Foods is working as a well-oiled machine keeping their core values as they grow, and that is something that is hard to find.

Whole Food Market has a clear competitive advantage through the partnerships they have with their suppliers, the brand positioning they have achieved, and the experience that one is exposed to when you enter a store.

They have been able to buy their major competitor in the industry (Wild Oats Market), so as consequence to their objectives and its execution, I would have to say that their strategy is a winner for sure.

7. Do you approve of the decision to acquire Wild Oats Market? 7.1 What pros and cons do you see?

By acquiring Wild Oats Market they ensured the domination of the market and be the #1 company in the industry.

No competition
Expansion to locations the Wild Oats Market was the one and only whole food supermarket.( acquiring new clients) Big step in their objectives of dominate the market

Economic Recession (people is looking too save money and whole foods price is over non-organic food) Loyalty of Wild Oats clients. (well if they keep doing things as good they had being doing it to gain the loyalty of those costumers wouldn’t be that hard)

By comparing Pros v/s Cons, it’s for sure that the Cons are over weighted by the Pros, by the benefits that the acquisition of Wild Oats have been shown, it was clearly a good decision .

8. Were John Mackey’s Internet postings unethical or in any way inappropriate? 8.1 What actions,...
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