Whole Foods Market

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Whole Foods Market
Short Case Study
Chief elements the whole foods market strategy.
Chief elements of the strategy that Whole Foods Market is pursing is providing the finest quality of products in the market that is free from preservatives and other genetically engineered products that reduce the quality of being organic. This means that it is has the least amounts of processed products and are naturally preserved. Whole Foods Market strives to eventually dominate the local market and eventually the international market. Their strategy is definitely well matched as Whole Foods focuses on supplying consumers with the healthiest products available. The products are without pesticides, hormones, and other genetically engineered products that could affect health, community, and agriculture. The quality products at Whole Foods have a flavorful taste and are preferred by the demands of health conscious consumers and the current trends of a healthy lifestyle. John Mackey/Whole foods Market Motto.

Yes, John Mackey has a good strategic vision for Whole Foods because it is realistic and above the normal expectations of what a vision should be. As the healthy eating patterns change in the population as well as the demands, Whole Foods strives to supply that demand by offering products that will fit the needs of living a better life style. In doing so, the chemical and hormone free products also help for a more agriculturally sustainable practice. "We believe our merger with Wild Oats will create long-term value for our customers, vendors and shareholders as well as exciting opportunities for our team members," Mackey said. "Over time, we expect to recognize significant synergies through G&A (general and administrative) cost reductions, greater purchasing power and increased utilization of our facilities."(MMR, 2008, p.82) Personally, I like the motto of “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet”. I like the play on words involving “Whole” in each important factor...

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