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Topics: Organic food, Whole foods, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 4 (833 words) Published: November 21, 2013
SWOT Analysis


Passion for high quality products.
Leader in Organic Foods
Customized facilities.
Incentive system for Employees

High prices
Large store size

Growth through Achievements
Increasing attractiveness of health food industry
Brand image through community sponsored events


Local grocers increasing organic food options
Large store size preventing “in and out” consumers
Economy troubles: customers
switching to lower cost products

One of Whole Food’s strengths is their passion for food and high standards for quality products. They guaranteed 100 percent satisfaction on all items purchased. They have a competitive advantage when it comes to the size of their stores. Very few natural foods stores have stores larger than 20,000 square foot. Each Whole Food’s store had a customized layout to fit the particular site and building to show off particular products for their target customers in that area. Another strength within the Whole Foods corporation is that they offer an economic value added management and incentive system for employees. This system worked well for team members to use in finalizing decisions that created sustainable shareholder value. Weaknesses

One of Whole Food’s weaknesses would have to be their high prices. The costs of growing and marketing organic foods are about 25-75% more than conventionally grown items.

The main opportunities for Whole Foods consist of increasing attractiveness of the health/organic food industry, growth through achievements, and improving their brand image/loyalty through community service. Whole Foods has already bought its largest competitor, Wild Oats, which has shown to be profitable. By promoting organic foods Whole Foods can increase sales and attract new customers by introducing them to the Whole Foods experience. Whole Foods would profit not only by promoting itself but the industry in...
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