Whole food market strategy analysis

Topics: Whole foods, Organic food, Food and drink Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: December 3, 2013
CAN WE SAY THAT WHOLE FOOD GOT “THE RIGHT STRATEGY” AT “THE RIGHT MOMENT” ? Whole Foods Market is pursuing a well-rounded and thought out strategy in order to gain success within the market. Whole Foods has a simple strategy of becoming the market leader in the natural and organic foods movement across the United States .To see if their strategies was well matched to the industry let see that industry in this period : The sales of organics and natural food reached 62 billions dollars in 2007 , that what represent 7.3 percent of global retails and grocery sales . In 2006 , the organic and naturel food reached 17 billions dollars , compared with 2005 the sales increased by 22 percent Organic farmland in the USA was 4.1 million acres in 2005 while it was just 2.1 millions cares in 2001. In 2005 a survey found that 65 percent of American consumers had already tried organic food once , and 27 percent showed that they consumed organic food more than the last years. That figures shows that Whole food were in the beginning of the Organic and natural food expansion , that what can prove the right strategy choice by betting on organic and natural food. Whole Foods is not a low-cost provider like most of their competitors, but offers differentiating features with a high value proposition. They are attracting buyers who seek out the value in organic and natural foods and from there they are carving out their own target market. In the other Hand ,the Appearance of the new USDA standards for labeling organic food products helped the sales growth of Whole food industry. Because the labels has always been a selling point for the consumers whom want to avoid pesticides and chemicals. And to continue riding in the wave of the growth opportunity , Whole Foods merchandising strategy, its appealing stores, and its wide product selection put it in excellent position to effectively promote organic products and to sell consumers on the advantages of buying organic products. Whole...
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