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Whole Foods Market 2007 Unit 5

Kaplan University

MT460 Management policy and strategy

Lakisha Puryear

April, 24 2012


This case deals with Whole Foods which is the largest organic food chain in the United States. John Mackey is the president and the co-founder of the Whole Foods. Throughout the years Whole Foods have become a very successful company, but due to the economy and things changing and the company was put to the test to continue to be successful

.Synopsis of the situation

Key issues

Whole foods need to find the best way to solve the growth target.

Define the problem

Whole Foods can’t meet the growth target.

Whole food is in a high competitive business.

Alternative solutions

Whole Foods needs to find out ways to convince new customers to shop at Whole Foods.

Whole foods can have more advertisement

Selected solution to the problem

Whole Foods have merged into other companies.


Whole Food offers a reliable test that test the product.


I recommend that Whole Foods follow their strengths to continue to be successful and go through and correct their weaknesses. Whole foods need to lower prices to match their competitors. Find ways to reward their customers. People love the fact that they are getting something back from a business. (Williams, 2012)


Whole Foods will continue to be the largest organic food chain, if they continue to set long term goals..


William, T. (2012, April 23). Interview by L Puryear [Personal Interview]. Grocery stores and customers. , Fayetteville NC.

Whole Foods Case Study



Natural and organic products

Can offer customers a variety of foods

Huge selections


Need more advertisement

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