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2. Supply Chain Game (week 7 – W/C 11th Mar, 2013)
Explain the concept of lean and agile strategies using good sources. Evaluate whether your team applied lean and/or agile strategies for the supply chain you are part of in week 7 (W/C 11th Mar, 2013). Reflect on and evaluate how your team worked as a supply chain in week 7.

Explain the improvements your team made and reflect on the impact (in terms of cost, speed, quality, flexibility and dependability) these had on the process or processes.
LO2 25%
3. Apply supply chain and logistical tools and techniques
Select an organisation of your choice, this can be a company you work for (or have worked for), or another that you are very familiar with or you can choose to focus on the supplied case study: Carvers Organics. For the organisation of your choice or Carvers Organics, you must:

a. create a diagram that summarises their current operations and supply chain (using a process diagram; value stream map or
another technique as the basis).
b. Analyse the major strengths and weaknesses of the current supply chain.
c. Select one of the following areas (that was NOT your topic for the group presentation):
• Global Supply Chains
• Quality Management
• Six Sigma
• New Product Development
• Computer Aided Design
• Process Design
• Process Mapping
• Lean Production/Management
• Agile Supply
• Collaborative Forecasting; Planning and Replenishment
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Technology/e-business
• Or a different topic focused on operations and supply chains, only with your tutor’s agreement
Apply the concept to the organisation of your choice or Carvers Organics to show how this tool or technique could help strengthen their supply chain and/or counter some of the weaknesses
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