What is the importance of the rule of law and Judicial independence in British government?

Topics: Law, Political philosophy, Separation of powers Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: March 9, 2014
What is the importance of the rule of law and Judicial independence in British government? The rule of law in its most basic form is simply the principle that no-one is above the law. This ultimately means that, when combined with an independent judiciary, the law will be applied fairly to everyone in the area where that law is sovereign. In the U.K there have been many major developments in the Rule of Law and keeping the judiciary independent in order to keep the maximum level of justice, the most recent major change being in 2005.

The most important purpose of the rule of law is that it bind our government to the same laws as everyone. This means that it must act legitimately with accordance to all the written and publicly disclosed laws that have been adopted. Furthermore it means that if they choose to ignore or straight up break such a law then they are subject to the same methods of enforcement as everyone else. This is a principle that without we would never be able to call ourselves a democracy.

On top of that, having a rule of law shows that there is a transparent legal system. This is because the rule of law relies on a clear set of laws that are freely an easily accessible to all. On top of that it requires a strong enforcement system and above all an independent judiciary.

The purpose of the independent judiciary is to protect citizens against unjust and arbitrary use of power by the government as well as any other individuals or organizations. It is vital for this judiciary to be independent as if it was not then the outcomes it comes up with would not be just and so the whole system is undermined.

Furthermore without its independence the judiciary would basically become a tool for corrupt deeds and politically motivated decisions, making it far easy for tyrants and dictators to come to power. All in all I believe that the importance of the judiciary lies in its power to support the rule of law. The rule of law’s importance, on the other...
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