What Changes Took Place During the Renaissance and Why Did These Changes Happen?

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Florence Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: July 17, 2012
What changes took place during the Renaissance and why did these changes happen?

The Renaissance which was known as the ‘time of rebirth’ took place in the 15th century. It was shortly after the Bubonic plague and a result of the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1463. During this period, many changes came about due to the influence of Classical Greeks, Romans, and the Church. An additional contribution was that many wealthy merchants and scientists were thirsty and curious to enhance their knowledge. Some of the discoveries that emerged were the development of art, scientific discoveries, architecture and religion. Many of the changes that occurred were due to previous factors from the Middle Ages, and especially from the Black Death.

During the Renaissance, there was an immense change with people’s beliefs about religion. Shortly after the Plague, individuals began to realise that religion was not a key point, or factor to life. This was seen, for example, when the people who still dedicated their lives to the Church still died nevertheless from the Black Death, or the bubonic plague. Paintings in the Renaissance also suggested that the art works that were no longer in relation to the subject of religion Also, we can see changes in people's belief in religion was when Martin Luther, 1517, began what was known to be the reformation. This included his 95 theses of which criticised the Roman Catholic Church, and in particular, Pope Alexander VI. It was meant to be him, who introduced the scrolls named indulgences, which cleared people of all their sins. However, this was an intentional way to cheat people who were expecting forgiveness in to giving money to the church. It soon became clear that the Pope's behaviour was a disgrace, as he did not follow the conduct that he had promised to follow, when becoming a pope. Many people began to realise these conspiracies of the Church when there was an increase in education which meant that people could now...
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