Value Chain Analysis of Bangladesh Ice-Cream Industry

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B (Section: 01)

Monamee Afroze Ishika (07104021) Susmita Roy Talukder (07104029) Adite Tarafder (07104031) Moutushi Mahreen (07104036) Nusrat Haque (07104060)

Swakat Kamal Senior Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University

29th July, 2010


Transmittal Message
July 29, 2010 Mr. Shawkat Kamal Course Instructor, MGT- 401, Business Strategy Section: 1.

Subject: Submission of Term Paper

Dear Sir, With great pleasure we are submitting our ‘Business Strategy’ report on “Polar Ice Cream”. It is the popular brand of the company Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited (DIIL), which you have assigned to us as an important requirement of the MGT-401 course. We have found the study to be quite interesting, beneficial & insightful. We have tried our level best to prepare an effective & creditable report for this course. The report contains an effective study on value chain activities and a look at how it is done in the practical world. Here we have gathered information through the actual interviews from the Brand Officer and the Chief Operation Officer of the organization. We honestly hope that our analysis will help to give the idea how a company does value chain activities in the real world. We hope you will find this report worth all the labor we have put in it. We welcome your entire query & take pride to answer them.

Yours sincerely, Monamee Afroze Ishika (07104021) Susmita Roy Talukder (07104029) Adite Tarafder (07104031) Moutushi Mahreen (07104036) Nusrat Haque (07104060) ………………… ………………… ………………… ………………… ………………..



“We acknowledge the most important aspect regarding the term paper, which is the interview the group has conducted with the Chief Operation Officer Md. Taufiqur Rahman and Brand Officer Md. Tanzir Alam on 8th July at Tejgaonl, head office of Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited (DIIL). So warm thanks to them for supporting us and give us adequate amount of necessary information related to the well known brand Polar Ice cream.

We also thank our course teacher Shawkat Kamal for providing suggestions for making this final Report and also for the format and his valuable time to us which make us able to understand about the format. At the end of our acknowledgements we want to give heartiest thanks to our Group members without whom this team effort cannot be successful.”


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Company Overview Competitor Analysis Value Chain Analysis
Primary Activities Supply Chain Management Production Distribution Sales & Marketing Service Support Activities

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Polar was born to establish a brand name in the ice cream industry in Bangladesh by Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited (DIIL) in 1987. They started the ice cream business with a wide range of products and a variety of flavors. Popular products under the Polar brand are Choc-bar, Lolly, Rocks, Malai, and Carnival. Polar performs a range of activities, costs and assets associated with procurement of raw materials, manufacturing operation, distribution, sales and marketing to provide their product in the hands of end users. Materials are out sourced from different countries and suppliers must maintain the quality standards of the company. Manufacturing process of the ice creams consist of six steps. Distribution plays one of the major parts to ensure the product availability to the consumers. Number of distributors depends on the size and potentiality of the area the process starts from production plant and ends to the nearby store. At present the company has around 1300o outlets all...
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