Valley Forge Essay

Topics: Nervous system, George Washington, Army Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Valley Forge Essay
I would re-enlist, because they were low on soldiers {doc c}, they need more supplies and in order to get them they need to win. With the amount of soldiers becoming sick and/or dying.

Washington’s army was low on soldiers because they got to Valley Forge in December of 1777 and had a very harsh winter there. They had to build huts{a temporary house} because they were going to be there for a little while, while George Washington would spy on the British with people who would write about what the British were planning to do. They would then take their famous midnight ride to deliver the message to Washington who was 18 miles from where the British were stationed.

The soldiers look like they are really dirty and sick because they are really low on supplies, they only have flour and water to mix together to eat/drink and they cook it over their fires. After a while the soldiers developed small pox which looks like really big and disgusting blisters and after a majority of the soldiers were exposed to it the Dr. suggested to cut the soldiers who weren’t infected and harvest puss out of the blisters of an effected soldier and spread it on to the open cut, that would result in the virus slowly making its way into the nervous system while anti-viruses were created to kill the virus to keep the soldier from dying and that would act as an antibiotic to keep them from getting it.

(p.s. im still revising and finishing it)
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