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Using Information Technology

Access and Maintain the Use of

Information Technology

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Access and Maintain the Use of

Information Technology

Candidate’s Name

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Gain authority to use IT equipment when required7
The reasons why authority may be needed to access IT equipment7 The relevant content of applicable regulations7
Regulations can include:7
Legislation can include:8
Health & Safety at Work Act 19748
Display Screen Equipment Act 19928
Data Protection Act 19848
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 19888
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COSHH )8
Enter the IT equipment system9
The parts of the computer can be grouped into the following systems:9 Entering the IT system involves:10
Follow instructions when leaving the IT system11
The reason for following procedures when entering and leaving IT systems11 Leaving the IT System.11
Interpret your customer's requirements to select software13 Access software13
The Operating Systems13
Applications Software14
Selecting Applications Effectively14
Accessing Software15
Identify and access relevant data15
Identify and Access Relevant data15
Accessing Data16
File Names16
Finding files on the system16
The requirement of software licensing agreements19
The person(s) to whom you report problems20
Maintain the IT Equipment23
Your organisation’s requirement for IT equipment cleaning23 The reasons for cleaning IT equipment23
Safety precautions when cleaning equipment include:23
Golden rules when using computer equipment:24
Limits to your responsibility for cleaning equipment24
Use appropriate cleaning materials to maintain your Information Technology24 Use suitable cleaning methods for IT equipment24
Cleaning Materials25
Cleaning Monitors25
Cleaning Mice26
Cleaning Keyboards26
Cleaning the base / tower unit27
Cleaning the Printer27
Identify on screen message faults27
Make reports to relevant persons29
The person to whom you report faults29
Your Comments Please…31

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Access and Leave IT Systems

Gain authority to use IT equipment when required
The reasons why authority may be needed to access IT equipment

Many organisations that use IT equipment hold data of a sensitive, personal or confidential nature. No organisation wants their business information made public, and all organisations are required by law to protect, and restrict access to, personal or confidential data. For these reasons, only authorised people can use computer equipment. It can be a very serious matter if someone without authorisation were to view, change, copy or pass on examples of company data.

Before you can begin this course, it is essential that you obtain the necessary authority to use IT equipment within your organisation.

Write a memo to your line manager requesting authorisation to use company IT equipment to complete your course. Provide a copy of this, and of the reply, as evidence.

The relevant content of applicable regulations

There are a number of regulations and various pieces of legislation that affect what we do at work.

Regulations can include:

Manufacturer’s instructions
These must be followed to ensure the safety of data, the users and the equipment. These instructions will help avoid damage to equipment and the risk of invalidating the guarantee.

Computer software should be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to avoid poor performance and damage to systems. Unauthorised use is illegal and can result in prosecution.

Organisational procedures and rules.
These are rules created by the organisation you work for.

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