unit one

Topics: Childhood, Communication, The Child Pages: 9 (4868 words) Published: May 6, 2015
1.1 Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people, and adults.

Communication is a way for individuals to exchange ideas, express emotion, thoughts and feelings. Without effective communication, people struggle to understand things from each other’s perspective; this can cause confusion and misunderstandings. In relation to my practice, I have come into contact with many children who need different types of support. A strong level of communication must be obtained at all times with both parents and children. A high level of communication can help build trust and distinguish a mutual level of respect. The parents must be informed of the child’s progress and be confident in my ability to help them with their specific needs. Both I and the parents must have the same understanding of what is expected from their child. It is vital that both parent and child trust me. If the child doesn’t trust me then they may be unwilling to cooperate and do set tasks. If the parents do not trust me, they may think I am not capable of supporting their child’s learning and progress within the school. A mutual level of respect should also be established between you and the individuals involved. This is important as respecting one another will strengthen the trust and honesty between you. Respecting everyone as an individual and knowing we are all different will also build positive relationships. It is also imperative that you demonstrate genuine interest in a child’s work or belongings, Even though it might not interest you, you can boost their confidence and self-esteem massively. If the child feels like you have a genuine interest in them, they are more likely to trust you. This will allow them to open up to you and share more private things in the future. For example; an autistic child in nursery has a massive fascination with dinosaurs. Although I am not a fan of dinosaurs, I always act interested and ask him about them whenever he talks to me. This has helped us to build a positive relationship together. He is now comfortable enough to talk to me whenever he is upset or worried about something. It is also important to demonstrate genuine interest with adults. If a fellow colleague is telling you about an experience/ interest they have but you have no interest in it, it is important to listen and pay attention. If you look interested they will feel confident to come to talk to you. They could also feel comfortable sharing more private information in the future. However, if you act uninterested and brush them off, they could feel upset and embarrassed. This will stop them from sharing information with you in the future which will stop your relationship from developing. It is vital that you respect everyone’s privacy. If someone feels comfortable enough to confide in you and tell you their secrets, it is important that you do not share it with others. If you were to share someone’s private information, people would no longer trust you. This may prevent people from sharing information with you in the future. However, if a child tells you about trouble at home which may endanger them, you must tell a senior member of staff. Make sure the child is aware that others have to be informed. Ensure the child that they are not in trouble and that you are only telling other people for their own safety. One way to respect privacy and support autonomy is allowing the children to get ready on their own, this helps support their independent learning and encourages autonomy. Autonomy is important as it allows the child to develop lifelong skills on their own without your constant assistance. If you do not have effective communication you will not have effective teamwork. This is because, without effective communication you will come across as rude, unapproachable and ignorant. Effective communication is important within a school as without it people may not feel comfortable to talk to...
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