unit 516 safeguarding children and young people

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1.1 Explain the policies, procedures and practices for safe working with children and young people.

The 2nd Joint Chief Inspectors Report defined safeguarding children and young people as the act of taking reasonable measures to ensure that the threats of harm to children & young people’s welfare are diminished by all those who work with children. The document expressed that all agencies involve with the provision of services to children and young people should take appropriate actions to raise and address issues of concerns whilst working to agreed local policies and procedures established by Local Safeguarding Children Board, and in partnership with other local agencies to safeguard a child or young person. (CQC archive (2005) SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN The second joint Chief Inspectors’ Report on Arrangements to Safeguard Children. http://archive.cqc.org.uk/_db/_documents/04018472.pdf (accessed 22/08/1)3. In short all those that work with children & young people have a duty of care to safeguard and promote their wellbeing.

Children & Young People’s Safeguarding Guidelines and Legislations

The Children Act 1989
This act was introduced to make child protection a paramount issue whereby parents are responsible for ensuring the safety of their children and local authorities are charged with the duties of identify children at risk of harm and to safeguard and promote their welfare. This act places responsibility on all agencies including those providing services for adult to protect children and young people.

The Children Act 2004
This act saw the creation of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, for local government to enforce children’s safeguarding and to investigate alleged cases of abuse. The Act stipulates that though a service might cater to the needs of adults, its staff has the duty of care to safeguard all the children and young people they come in contact with. The act places a burden on all agencies that works with children to work collaboratively in raising concerns and addressing allegations of abuse.

The Every Child Matters Green Paper
This guidance was introduced to improve outcomes for children and young people in the following 5 areas as a result of the serious case review into the death of Victoria Climbie Being healthy
Staying safe
Enjoying and achieving,
Making a positive contribution
Achieving economic well-being

Working Together to Safeguard Children (2010)
This act emphasis on the need for individuals and inter-agency to work jointly to safeguard and promote the welfare of children & young people as stipulated by the Children’s Act 2004. The act stresses the importance for practitioners working with children & young people to be aware of their responsibility and be competent in their duties.

Safeguarding Disable Children (2009)
Due to the vulnerability of disable children as they are dependent on others for their personal care and are perhaps prone to being isolated socially through bullying, the act ensures that there are robust complaints and representations measures in place that are accessible to disabled children and their families across all agencies. The act seeks to ensure that all staff working with disable children are adequately trained to safeguard and guarantee the well-being of their service users. (Department for children schools & family (2009) Safeguarding disabled children Practice guidance http://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/190544/00374-2009DOM-EN.pdf (accessed 22/08/13)

The Protection of Children Act 1999
This act introduces the concept of pre-employment screening to prevent those who are unsuitable to work with children from being employed through the following checks. verifying identity
verifying the right to work in the United Kingdom (UK)
confirming employment history and qualifications
verifying criminal record

Safeguarding Vulnerable...
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