Unit 4 Task 4

Topics: Business ethics, Protection, Ethics Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Legal and Ethical Issues to using business information
LEGAL ISSUES ARE VARIOUS ITEMS OF LEGISLATION THAT PROTECTS THE USE OF BUSINESS INFORMATION. DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998: Many business and shops have information about people. This act protects the information held about them to be misused.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION 2000: this act provides individuals the right to request information from a public authority. The public authority has to inform the applicant if they have the information which must be sent within 20 working days.

COMPUTER MISUSE ACT 1990: this is a law that goes against certain activities on computers e.g. hacking into other peoples system, misusing software or helping someone get protected files on someone else’s computer.

ETHICAL ISSUES ARE MORAL PRINCIPLES THAT SURRONDS BUSINESSES WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE. CODES OF PRACTICE EXIST TO MAINTAIN BUSINESS ETHICS FOR EXAMPLE USEOF EMAIL, INTERNET, WHISTLEBLOWING, ORGANISATIONAL POLICIES AND INFORMATION OWNERSHIP. USE OF EMAIL: many organisations use email this days but they have a code of practice on the correct use of email. INTERNET: many companies have a restriction to what their employees can and cannot use the internet for. WHISTLE-BLOWING: this is an employee who raises concern about a business to the press, only if the business is breaking the law e.g. fraud, crime or putting their customers in serious risk. They receive protection from the public interest disclosure act. ORGANISATIONAL POLICIES: Businesses have organisational policies because they are required to so they can practice fair and just. INFORMATION OWNERSHIP: someone who creates information from their day to day work e.g. annual report they are in charge of protecting the information’s confidentiality and act with integrity when anything has been altered.
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