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Unit 4


Web based – an example of web based communications is a website, the reason for a website is to exchange information through the internet. Most companies now use websites so the customers can access the company’s information, services or even purchase items from the company. The purpose of the website is to get information on the products the company sells. A website is an internal piece of information that comes from the sales department of Sainsbury’s

Written information – an example of written information is a purchase order. A purchase order (PO) is a written document issued by the seller to the buyer. The purpose of the purchase order is to communicate product price, quantities and the agreed price for the service. Purchase order is an internal piece of information that comes from the financial department of Sainsbury’s.

On screen - an example of on-screen information is an advertisement board. And the purpose of an advertisement board is to show the information on the products and shows how many customers brought and has liked the product in Sainsbury’s. The advertisement board is an external piece of information that comes from the customer data base. Verbal - an example of verbal communication is talking face to face. The purpose of face to face is to reach information to other more quickly. Talking face to face is external because you are talking to customers about information and quires.

P2 Report

To: The Finance Manager
From: Razeem Ashmeil
Date: 13/1/2014
Subject: Income and Net profit

In this report I will be talking about Sainsbury’s Income and net profit.


1.0: In 2013 Sainsbury’s made a £602m in profit because Sainsbury’s had a high margin of sales but in 2014 Sainsbury’s made 229m in profit, compare this to 2013 the difference £10m and the change between the profit in 2013 and 2014 is 4.2%.


2.0: In 2013 the income for Sainsbury’s was £602m and in 2014 the income was £716m this means that the income has risen by 18.2% between 2013 and 2014

P2 Leaflet

P2 Presentation

P3 Poster

P3 leaflet


The purpose of the apple’s corporate communication is to advertise the new Apple IPad Air 2 and compare it with the previous model. The business is trying achieve more sales and gain new customers. The target audience for the communications are targeted at adults and mid teenagers because those are the groups that are more likely to move along with the new technology. Apple wants their audience to respond by purchasing their new products and spreading the word The strengths of the communication is that it the poster is cheap to produce and it can be given out to the public in numerous quantities The strength of the communication is that the advert is show on TV so there will be load of customers and potential customer watching the advert to this can boost sales. The weakness of the communication is that the flyer can be easily dismissed by the consumer meaning that they will just look at it and then throw it away. The weakness of the communication is that the advert the consumer may get bored of the same advert and may get put off the product. Over all apple will meet their objectivities because of the communications will attract the customers to buy the product and buy doing this they meet one of their objective which is to boost their sales.

The Data Protection Act 1998
The Data Protection Act 1998 is an act that protects consumer’s information being misused or abused. The information stored on apples database must be:

accurate and up to date
processed in line with your rights
obtained fairly and lawfully

For example customers and employee details have to be accurate and up to date. When customers at apple take out a contract you employee has to make sure that the customers...
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