Unit 333.1

Topics: Children Act 1989, School, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 5 (1674 words) Published: January 25, 2014
Unit 333.1.1
Produce a table outlining the current legislation and guidelines relating to safeguarding. The 1989 Children Act
This is the most important piece of legislation with regards to childcare. It simplified the laws that protect children and young people and made clear the duty of care for all those who work with children or young people. Working together to safeguard children 2010

This document was produced to safeguard and protect children. To create and maintain a safe learning environment for children and young people. To give local authorities (LSCB) the power to produce own safeguarding policies. Laming Report 2003

Independent enquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie and other serious case reviews. It identified wide ranging failings of the safeguarding system. Many professionals working with children not following guidance in “working together” brought about the following piece of legislation Every child matters guidelines and children’s act 2004

This brought together agencies such as healthcare professionals, schools and welfare services. Created central database containing records of all children and whether known to different services. Independent children’s commissioner to oversee and protect all children’s rights and Ofsted to monitor children’s services. Other pieces of legislation

Human rights act 1989
United Nations convention on the rights of the child 1989
Sexual Offences Act 2003 (New offences created such as grooming) Protection of children act 1989 (dealt with staff misconduct and recruitment ie POCA list) Safeguarding vulnerable groups act 1986
Independent safeguarding authority (ISA) was given a wider role in checking new workers, poor practice etc. Munro report 2011 – recommends a less bureaucratic and more child centred approach.

Unit 333.1.2/3
Write an explanation of child protection within the wider context of safeguarding children and young people, relating it to the policies and procedures in the school environment. Safeguarding is the new term used to describe “child protection”. It refers to the ways in which adults and professionals working with children need to act when managing issues regarding child protection. Everyone working with children has a duty to keep children safe, protected from harm and any concerns regarding any form of abuse to be passed to the safeguarding officer at school. The above guidelines, policies and procedures affect the day to day work carried out within schools and while issues will vary between schools, everyone within these establishments should be aware of safeguarding concerns and ensure that they always act appropriately and within the guidelines set out. All professionals working with children need to be CRB or DBS checked. This is to enable safe recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people working within a school environment. Risk assessments will need to be carried out on any activities or outings that have the potential to cause harm. The school will have procedures for risk assessments that will probably be carried out annually on the school buildings or grounds or individually for school visits and such. Child protection is the duty of all who work with children and everyone needs to be aware of the schools policy for reporting and recording suspected abuse. Keeping children secure on school premises with signing in procedures, secure fencing and gates, staff security badges and such. If a child is a cause for concern, child protection records will need to be kept and any issues raised will always need to be followed up. As a teaching assistant, our role would be to pass any concerns on to be followed up by the schools safeguarding officer. Photographs that may be shared with others outside school would need parental permission, as would outside school visits and extra-curricular activities. Health and Safety policies should be followed throughout the school and behaviour issues should be resolved to prevent harm to...
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