unit 2.3

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, The Child Pages: 5 (2056 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Kayleigh Kidd
Introduction to personal development in health, and social care or children in young people’s settings
When I will be working with children, there is many duties and responsibilities I must carry out in order to care for their well being. This will include having a good knowledge of a child’s development. Therefore this will ensure that I am eligible to care for them, allowing me to keep them safe and know what is expected for the age. Meaning if a child is around the age of three and has not begun to speak must take precautions and let the nursery know of the this problem. I must also be able to work well with the parents of the children I care for so they can trust in me to care for the children once they are not there. Having this bond with the parents allows be to approach them with no fear and be confident in speaking to them about the child, but I must ensure that I keep a professional relationship with the parents and this will show that I give them the respect that the deserve. Furthermore I must always be on their side meaning I must not push my ideas and opinions across of how they wish for their children to be brought up, for example if they wish for their child to have a vegetarian diet I must follow there instructions. However the most important duty to me is that you must work well in a team with all the peers you come in contact with over the course of your day. I strongly believe that if you can meet this duty with the people you come in contact with throughout such as; other staff, children, parents, other schools and other practitioner. Gives you a springboard to a successful relationship with your peers and provides you with the correct skills to ensure that the children are correctly cared for and will not have to ever come into any danger. For example a healthy bond with other member of staff allows you to seek help and advice between one another to gain the correct standards to care for a child, meaning if you think a child may be getting abused at home you can go the correct way about it instead of accusing anyone without the correct information. Understating the physical needs of a child is crucial so that you have information on what is the correct height and weight of a child depending on the age, so you can make sure that they will not be putting them self into any health related problems such as obesity and dwarfism. Furthermore you should also be aware of how many times a child visits the toilet and the age of when they do not require and help or guidance when going to the toilet. Having a knowledge of weaning allows you to have a more understanding of when I child should be taken off from liquid meals and to be having solid meals, this is so they can have the correct nutritional value and are not being put in danger. Furthermore when feeding children you must take into consideration there allergies and their chose on if they are a vegetarian or not. There portion size should be taken into consideration to due to you could be under feeding a child or over feeding them, either way put health at risk. I must have an experience of nappy changing so that I can make sure I have placed it on correctly and will not give the child any discomfort. Also I must be aware that if the child is allergic to a type of branded nappies or if they parents would like a certain type of nappies on their child I must remind them that they will have to provide their own. Providing suitable toys and activities for children means it will ensure safety for the children because it is unacceptable to give the child a broken toy or a faulty game, due it becoming a danger towards them also if can frustrate a child if they have sat for a long period of time completing a jigsaw to discover there is a missing piece. Furthermore they toys and other objects must be clean to prevent spreading illness across the children and are a lot more appealing to children to use, for example the dressing up clothes...
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