Unit 11 Safeguarding Adults Assignment 2

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Unit 11 Safeguarding Adults: Assignment 2

P4 Outline key legislation and regulations, which govern safeguarding adults work:

There are various legislations in place that are used to protect vulnerable adults and their health and wellbeing, but they also take into consideration their own individuals needs. The legislations in place include:

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006:

The purpose of this legislation is in place to protect vulnerable groups. Vulnerable groups individuals who require care services and that can be for various such as they have a physical or mental disability, elderly or have an illness and are unable to protect themselves from harm exploitation. In order to protect these individuals they prevented unsuitable individuals to work with vulnerable groups.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act:

The Police Act 1997:

The Sexual Offences Act 1976 / 2003:

This legislation was first put into place in 1976 and was updated in 2003. It was the first major pieces of legislation against sexual abuse. When the legislation was updated it set to protect all individuals who has been a victim or who are at risk of potentially being abused or exploited.

Care Standards Act 2000:

The purpose of the Care Standards act is to put into place national standards to all organisations providing vulnerable adults care. This piece of legislation replaced

Care Home for Older People 2003:

Mental Health Act 2003:

Mental Capacity Act 2005:

This legislation bases itself around five principles, which are:

An individual is assumed to be capable to make their own decisions unless proven otherwise An individual should be supported to make their own decisions The individuals best interests must be the focus

Any intervention in the individuals care should possess the least restrictions The individual has the right to make their own decisions if capable of doing so

The purpose of this act is to support individuals who make their own decisions and protect individuals who do not have the lack the mental capacity to doing so. Also the act provides demonstrates how people can support someone make their own decisions, if someone has the mental capacity to make decisions and what to do if someone can only make decisions about particular things. When individuals are receiving care then this act provides standards of their care and treatment.

Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 (Amended 2005 and by the Disability Equality Act, 2006):

Race Relations Act, 1976 (Amended 2000 & 2003):

Human Rights Act 1998:

The Human Rights Act is a UK law passed in 1998. It means that you can defend your rights in the UK courts and that public organisations, which includes the Government, Police and local councils and they must treat everyone equally, with fairness, dignity and respect.

Data Protection Act 1998:

The Data Protection Act was put into place to protect individual’s personal information that is held in an electronic or a paper format. Personal information includes:

Full name
Date of birth
Contact details
Medical history
Credit history

All this information should be kept confidential and any personal information should only be obtained for lawful purposes and it should be held no longer than necessary. Individuals personal information should also be protected from anyone unauthorised to access this data and any accidental destruction. The Data Protection Act allows individuals the access to any personal information held about them. For anyone that uses this information will need to follow data protection principles, which are:

Information should be processed fairly and lawfully.
Obtained for particular and lawful purposes.
Accurate and up to date.
Not kept any longer than necessary.
Securely kept.
Not transferred to any other country without having significant protection for the data.

This information should be protected and methods used...

Bibliography: http://www.scie.org.uk/publications/guides/guide15/legislation/otherlegislation/vulnerablepeoplelegislation.asp
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