Training Needs Anaysis

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Training Needs Analysis
*Central Café *& *O*rganic Introduction
Central Café & Organic is located in the city centre of Hull, just in the King Edward Street, a few minutes’ walk from the McDonald’s. It is a small-sized organization with 6 staffs, one casher, two cooks, two waiters or waitresses and a human resource manager. In Central Café & Organic, it provides the bread, pastries, muesli and cakes with organic whole grains and home milled into flour. It also offers teas, coffee and freshly squeezed juices with the best seasonal organic fruit and vegetables. Central Café & Organic caters for everyone, customers can find something delicious to satisfy their requirements whether they are vegetarian or not, whether they are gluten intolerant or not, even whether they want to avoid sugar or not. Generally speaking, it is a café for every one of all ages. It opens from 9:00AM to 17:00PM on Monday to Sunday for breakfast and lunch but never serve dinner. Additionally, it sells foods and drinks to take away. Because of the start-up of the small business, the café is planning and implementing the training needs analysis. {text:list-item} In the past days, life was simple for all of us. There are less rush, less stress, more goodness, more joy and more pleasure in our daily affairs. Welcome back to this world at Central Café & Organic. The mission statement of Central Café & Organic is to provide an alternative atmosphere to those who care about their life quality and healthy where people can relax, laugh or simply enjoy a pleasant meal. There are three objectives of Central Café & Organic: first of all, Central Café & Organic must increase and keep a high level customer service for all the customers. Secondly, the café must provide the high standard foods and drinks which are free from additives, healthy and tastes great. Lastly, the café should aim at increasing and keeping the customer growth rate. The organizational strategy of Central Café & Organic is the focus strategy, in the Handbook of Strategic Management (2000), Rabin, J, Miller, G.J, and Hildreth, W.B gave a research suggesting that a focus strategy may be the most potent for a small business firm. This is because a small business does not have a economies of scale or internal resources to pursue. The focus strategy includes the customer-oriented strategy; Marek Korczynski (2002) described the customer-oriented as a service work which has important implications both for HRM and for workers’ experience of service work. The nature of the customer in front-line work is investigated – specifically regarding service quality. The strategy approach implemented to check the expertise of staffs, understand the status of the market in order to better develop the organization, the most important is to satisfy the needs and requirements from different customers to make a better customer service. In order to plan and implement the training needs analysis, first of all, the training needs should be linked with the organizational strategy. Hendry, C, Jones, A, Arthur, M and Pettigrew, C stressed that “In the service enterprises, specific skills training focuses on personal presentation and the provision of good service, from simple politeness in welcoming the customers in a positive and friendly manner through a range of more elaborate interpersonal skills. “ (1991, 61) then, it is important to frame the training needs objectives for whatever collective level or individual level, it will show the objectives for the entire organization, each department and individuals in Appendix 1. {text:list-item} There are variety types of methods to be used to observe and assess the training needs, Performance Management, Organizational Needs, Occupational and Job Analysis, Individual Training Needs, Skills and Competencies and Strategic Approaches to TNA. Here, I will use three types of them, including Organizational Needs, Occupational and Job Analysis and...

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