Trader Joes in Denmark

Topics: Organic food, Organic certification, Organic farming Pages: 19 (6629 words) Published: March 11, 2013


1. Introduction
2. Situation Analysis
a. Environmental scan
i. What is the potential market?
ii. Who are our competitors?
iii. What are the key trends in the social and cultural environment that are relevant to adoption? 3. SWOT Analysis
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
4. Marketing Strategies
a. Targets and Positioning
i. What is the best way to segment our market(s)? ii. Which segment(s) do we target?
iii. How do we position the product?
b. Product Strategies
i. What is our core product?
ii. How should we package and brand our product? c. Promotional Strategies
i. How do we develop a consistent message about our product? ii. What elements of the promotion mix do we use? 5. Supply Chain Strategies
a. How do we get our product to consumers?
b. What types of retailers, if any, should we work with to sell our product? 6. Conclusion

Trader Joe’s has tremendous growth opportunity to break into the organic, sustainable, grocery market in Denmark. The following document supports the efforts of Trader Joe’s to enter in the Copenhagen, Denmark, by detailing the situational analysis, performing a SWOT analysis, developed marketing strategies, and developing supply chain strategies.

Businesses need to continually expand in order to have sustained success in this ever-changing global market place. Moreover, current and prospective customers from the developed world are looking for the added value of sustainability and organic products to support their healthy lifestyles. Ethical business decisions are imperative in today’s modern world, where consumers have the ability to find any piece on information, nearly immediately. Trader Joe’s strives to be an ethical company, supporting sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy lifestyles of its consumers. An environmental scan of Trader Joe’s and Denmark’s grocer market includes the potential market, an overview of the competitive landscape, and key trends in the social and cultural environment that are relevant to adoption. Next, a SWOT analysis highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Trader Joe’s and puts the opportunities and threats of entering Denmark, into perspective. Successful marketing strategies are imperative to the healthy of Trader Joe’s operations in Denmark. Both product and promotional strategies, being creative, and inline with the beliefs and expectations of the local consumers are important, and will be covered in detail in the following document. Lastly, but equally important, are the strategies to get the localized products to the new facility. A localized supply chain helps Trader Joe’s keep their costs low and support local businesses. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS

Nowadays, the citizens of Denmark care a lot about sustainability efforts. The market place for ethical, sustainable, healthy products is developing fast. As we know, Denmark is at the second top position in sustainable development. The present liberal conservative Government's Programs focus on growth, welfare, and renewable products. The Danish Government introduced the move towards sustainable development as a long-term process.[i] The Danish people pay attention to ethical issues while purchasing and consuming products. Trader Joe’s, thus, has a large potential market in Denmark with natural, ethical and sustainable products. Trade in organic foods is widespread throughout Denmark. The country has a long tradition of organic farming, and over the years organic food production has increasingly attracted attention from politicians, authorities and...
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