The Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher

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The Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher

Teachers are required to meet the national standard within the teaching sector by adhering to strict codes of practice and fulfil certain responsibilities and roles as discussed below.

1a) It is the role of the teacher to be a mentor, a role model, a good listener and public speaker. Teachers also play a vital role in pastoral care and safeguarding students. This role includes: sharing relevant information regarding the protection of learners with other professionals should concerns arise, complying with the Data Protection Act ensuring information is stored safely and not disclosed to unauthorised persons. Roles specific to safeguarding include providing a safe and supportive environment for students and protecting students that may be vulnerable. It is the role of teachers to create a classroom environment that promotes diversity and equality. Gravels (2012) states that “Any inequality and discrimination should be tackled to ensure fairness, decency and respect among your students”. This involves treating students with respect, being non judgmental and challenging discrimination within the classroom. It is the role of the teacher to make learning inclusive for students. Gravels (2012) states “Some students could feel excluded during your session if particular needs were not met”. This role includes being aware and supportive of any needs and disabilities students may have by making learning inclusive for everybody. b) The responsibilities a teacher must fulfil to comply with professional codes of practice and national standards include: maintaining health and safety by adhering to COSHH and RIDDOR, completing attendance records, undertaking a DBS check and knowing the fire evacuation procedures. I teach animal management, my field of work is bound to the professional body Defra. It is my responsibility to adhere to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and complete risk assessments for students and animals during...
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