The Rapid Rise of Population in much of Europe in the 18th Century

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, World population Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: January 9, 2014
The Rapid Rise of Population in much of Europe in the 18th Century

In Europe life in the 17th century remained a struggle due to the high rates of poverty with landlord and tax collectors. Throughout the course of the eighteenth century, the European economy emerged for the long crisis of the seventeen-century. Population rates resumed its growth, while colonial empires expanded and developed since more mouths needed to be feed and more hands needed to be employed. The contribution to the rapid rise of population in much of Europe included factors such as Public Health, Nutrition/Agriculture, and Transportation.

Firstly one of the primary reasons behind the rise of population was the increase in Public Heath. The basic cause of European population increase as a whole was a decline in death rates. The primary reason in the decline of death was the mysterious disappearance of the bubonic plague. Advances in medical knowledge did not contribute much to reducing the death rate, but the most important was the inoculation against small pox. Women had more babies than before because new opportunities for employment in rural industries allowed them to marry at an earlier age. Improvements in the water supply and sewage resulted in somewhat better public health and helped reduce such diseases as typhoid and typhus in the urban areas of Europe. The improvements in water supply and the drainage of swamps also reduced Europe’s largest insect population. Flies and mosquitos played a major role in spreading diseases. Therefore public health measures helped the decline in morality that began with the disappearance of plague, which continued in the early nineteenth century.

Secondly another great outpouring of population growth was the advance in Nutrition. The terrible ravages of the Black Death caused a sharp drop in population and food prices. Farmers brought new land into cultivation and urban settlements grew significantly. Humans became more successful in their...
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