The Plague

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The Plague

My book report is on The Plague by Albert Camus. It is fictional and was published in 1948. The story takes place in the 1940s in the town of Oran. The author describes the town as ugly with smug, placid air, and also says there are no pigeons, trees, or gardens.

The main character of the novel is Dr. Bernard Rieux, he is the narrator. Throughout the story, he tries to battle the plague against the disagreeing forces of the authorities. Although he is separated from his wife, he doesn’t allow his personal wishes to distract him. Jean Tarrou is a vacationer in Oran when the epidemic requires the city to be quarantined. He shares the same beliefs as Rieux, but he is more philosophical. Joseph Grand is an old man who’s been working the same job for decades; his wife even left him because she was tired of his boring routine. He often tries to write a letter to her, but cannot because he suffers from intense anxiety and can’t find the “right words” to describe his exact feelings. Raymond Rambert is a journalist from Paris who comes to Oran to research sanitary conditions of the Arab population. He gets trapped in the sudden quarantine of the town, and wants to escape. Cottard is a paranoid, suspicious criminal who will not tell anyone his crime. He often fears getting arrested, so when the town is quarantined he is happy that the authorities are busy and he begins smuggling. Dr. Castel is an old doctor who was the first to call the outbreak a “plague”. M. Michel is the concierge for the building where Rieux works; he is the first victim of the plague. Father Paneloux is a Jesuit priest who believes the plague is God’s test of faith. Most of the characters are introduced by their actions and dialogue amongst other characters.

A character that changes throughout the story is Rambert. At first, he will do anything he can to leave the city of Oran. He wants to get back to his wife and to do that he needs to escape. He is even willing to work with...
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