The Plague

Topics: Black Death, Bubonic plague, Plague Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Your now watch channle 11 news This is jennifer garcia reporting to you live with a breaking news, Today we are looking at the medevil bubonic plague called the black death and it moved with deadly speed across Europewiping out whole citys and killing an incredible 25 million people,today i am going to interviewe a doctor who knows how to prevent from getting the plague and someone with it. as we all know the medicine in the mideveil time was poor, meaning that their isn't any vacsination.there for if you cach it you will die . flees on rats are the cause of this plague and they are spreading it around which is turning into a major epidemic.Lets say 1 person in your family cought it, the entire house hold were put under quarantine, destruction of contaminated property without control, caused fear and anger among the citizens . The city’s economy was mostly paralyzed because many factories, markets, stores, had been closed down.causing bad living conditions for the majority of Europe.Now I meet Troy he doesn't want to be shown on camara but would answer our questions.He is infected with the plague and is on his third day into it and he is soon going to die.Troy can you tell me some of the sytmptoms you felt throughout the plague.

(infected)micheal -yes, It started with a headache. Then chills and fever, which left me exhausted and prostrate. I would also experience nausea, vomiting, back pain, soreness in my arms and legs. Within a day or two, the swellings appeared. They were hard, painful, burning lumps on my neck, under my arms, on my inner thighs. Soon they turned black, split open, and began to ooze pus and blood. They may have grown to the size of an orange.

Me: thank you Troy now we head to Dr.phil ..Dr.phil what is the best way to prevent the plague us from catching the plague?

angle-doctor :I believe this peak mask would help us prevent us from catching the plague, and having to smell infected air its made of sweet smelling herbs to sniff...
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