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Topics: Brain, Auditory system, Nervous system Pages: 11 (281 words) Published: May 8, 2015
The Nervous
By: Brooklynne Harris

A loud crashing sound causes everyone in the
room to quickly turn their heads toward the
source of the noise. Describe the path of the
signal through the human nervous system from
initial stimulus of sound to the response of
turning the head.

Crash and then turn of the head

The Journey
The loud sound that the person heard is the
stimulus. In order to hear a sound, sound
waves have to be generated and sent to the
cochlea in the inner ear. From the cochlea, the
soundwaves are processed then sent from the
auditory nerve to the brain to collect more

Soundwaves entering the ear

In the brain, the sound is sent to the brain’s
inferior colliculus. The colliculus is basically an
auditory pathway located in the midbrain. It has
a major part in determining sound signals. The
information in the colliculus is then sent to the
thalamus where the auditory signal is

Thalamus & Inferior Colliculus

After the thalamus registers the signal, it sends
the info to the auditory cortex which is able to
determine the frequency of the sound. After this
is determined, the inferior colliculus is able to
send messages that control reflexes. It reaches
out to the motor neurons through an impulse
that can control movements of the neck.

When the muscles receive the signal sent by
the colliculus, they are able to contract and
relax thus the person turning their head toward
the noise that grabbed their attention.

To recap, the stimulus was the loud noise
occurring and the response was the nervous
system processing the sound and turning the
neck to observe what the sound was.

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