The Masque Of The Red Death Script

Topics: Masquerade ball, The Masque of the Red Death, Black Death Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: November 21, 2014
The Masque of the Red Death Script
Narrator: A disease known as the Red Death plagues the fictional country where this tale is set, and it causes its victims to die quickly within half an hour. Scene 1
Narrator: But the Prince Prospero was so happy and hopeful. He decided to lock the gates of his castellated abbey in order to fend off the plague. He invited many hale and light-hearted friends who were nobles to his castle and didn’t take care of the poor people. The external world could take care of itself. Narrator: The prince had thrown a fancy masquerade ball. It was a voluptuous scene. He had supplied all the appliances of pleasure. These and security were within. Scene 2

Narrator: There were seven rooms in the castle. In the last black room, there stood a gigantic clock of ebony. When the clock rang each hour, its sound was so loud and distracting that everyone stopped talking and the orchestra stopped playing. But when the clock finished its sound, all the revellers continued talking and laughing, and the orchestra continued playing as nothing had happened before. Scene 3

Narrator: When the clock commenced the sounding of midnight, a new guest appeared. His mask looked like the face of a corpse, his garments resembled a funeral shroud, and his face revealed spots of blood. Prince Prospero: Who dares? Who dares insult us with this blasphemous mockery? Seize him and unmask him—that we may know whom we have to hang, at sunrise. Narrator: The other guests, however, were so afraid of this masked man that they failed to prevent him from walking through each room. At first, Prince Prospero was afraid but then he became angry that someone with so little humor and levity joined his party. Prospero, finally, went towards the new guest in the black room. As soon as he confronted the figure, Prospero died. When the other revellers entered the room to attack the cloaked man, they found that there was nobody beneath the costume. And now was...
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