The Influence of Heredity on Behavior

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The influence of Heredity on behavior

Written by Hassel Hamilton

University of Axia


Through the years scientist have been a debating what cause the body to behave they it

does .Some people say that is genetics some say it is environment I thank that it is both

genes and environment .Have you ever wonder how you got your eye color and your

brown , black , red , and blond or how you got as tall as you have or how we are as big

as we are or as little as we are

The influence of Heredity on behavior

Heredity has been debated on your years. Heredity influence who and what we are

because of our genetic make up is inherit from our mother and father through

genes . The human body has a central control panel that has cells where genes and

chromosomes are contained .There are no genes for behavior but genes can influence

behavior such as the way we anticipate, respond, the way we look in behave. Genes

are the basic unit of heredity and is a small part of DNA and DNA is (Axia text) the

main ingredient in chromosomes. Heredity is () transfer of traits that are passed down.

Genes are lined up with chromosomes and they come in pairs that are a tiny

threadlike bodies that are a small part of DNA in which are enzymes that are encoded

with proteins that are passed from one generations to the next. Our genes come in

two pairs that are linked on to our chromosomes and we each have a dominant gene

and a recessive gene for example if a brown eyed husband causes the brown eyed

wife to become pregnant the embryo is going to have both the parents genes with the

eye color brown “B” which is a dominant gene, and this applies also to two parents

with blue eyes “b” is recessive gene . On the opposite hand if you have two

parents who have different colors eyes such as the father who has brown eyes and

the mother who has blue eyes the chances are the child is going mixture of

different colors and are still as known as recessive (Postel, 2003,  ). “BEY1” or

“BEY2” dominant genes also applies with green eye and blue “GEY” in which the child could have more of his or her mother genes or more his or he fathers genes .

According to our ( ) we have more than a single gene that is responsible for our

height, weight, and skin pigment that is called polygenic inheritance. These genes

keep repeating their self if it even skips a generation. According to (Saladin, Kenneth

S., and Ricki Lewis2002) genes are what influences human behavior. Genes are encoded

through protein that influence behavior, but genes do not influence certain ways

individuals behave. Protein that is encoded in DNA and DNA that is encoded

neurotransmitter is what causes individuals to behave the way do in which

neurotransmitter are what controls our moods and some what of our personality . Our

body is composed of nerve cells in which is the nerve transmitter (nerve to muscle)

which has the ability to ascend upward and descend downward.

The nerve transmission has neuron such as: “Sensory neuron”, “primary neuron”,

“Motor neuron”, and “interneuron neurons”. Nerve transmission is an electrical

movement that is caused by an impulse of the central nervous system . A good

example is the computer which has the ability send receive and delay.

Our body is composed of nerve cells in which is the nerve transmitter (nerve to

muscle) has the ability to ascend upward and descend downward. According to

(University of Iowa Department of Pathology 2009) the nerve transmission has

neuron such as “Sensory neuron” that coveys information to the central nervous

system to the “primary neuron” that...
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