The inflammatory pathology of the nervous system

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The inflammatory pathology of the nervous system

Any of the etiologic agents of infection may give determinations to the nervous system. Usually these are secondary locations of other infections in the body: infectious diseases, endocarditis, pulmonary and urinary infections, regional inflammations etc. The pathways by which pathogens reach the bodies nervous system are: through blood pressure, arteries or veins, dissemination of nearby (eg the sinuses, internal ear, etc..) or through neuronal extensions (rabies). There is the possibility of direct infection when we face trauma or septic surgical infections. After the initial or predominant localization of the inflammatory process we can distinguishe: meningitis, encephalitis, myelitis, encephalomyelitis, meningoencephalitis, neuritis and radiculonevrite.

The pathogenic pathways by which infectious processes of the soft and hard tissues of the head are: - The direct way, founded in suppuration, septic puncture and foreign bodies ; - Submucosa way – in the periodontal processes with spontaneous opening; - Lymphatic way

- Transosseous way- especially in apical dental diseases.
   Soft tissue infections take the following pathological forms: abscess, phlegmon,fistula.    Hard tissue infections take forms of caries, osteitis, osteomyelitis, fistula.     Specific Infections located in the head tissues: malignant edema, bacterial edema of the rams head, anazarca- horses potechial fever, strangles, actinomycosis and actinobaciloza. 

The main etiology of brain and spinal inflammations are viruses and bacterial infections, rarely they can be caused by spirochetes , protozoa and pathogenic immune reactions . A large number of viruses can affect the nervous system . Lesion differences varies with the locations and the quantity of changes that result from the intracellular situation of the pathogenic viruses . The macroscopic appearance of the...
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