The Human Mind and Brain

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1. The human mind Brain
The brain consists of three main parts; are: neck brain, the cerebellum, and brain A. Brain Stem
The neck of the brain as an extension of the spinal cord, which is similar to him in the composition, and distribution of neurons. It forms a loop connection between the brain and spinal cord The neck of the brain consists of the following parts:

(1) Medulla Oblongata: represents along the spinal cord within the skull; and contains a number of important nerve centers to regulate the heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, and thirst. It also has an important role in regulating the secretion of saliva, infectious and juices., .. (2) Pons: It is part of the neck of the brain, is actually a bridge through which the nerve fibers of the cerebellum to the central nervous system. The bridge has an important role in regulating breathing operations and movements of the head and poise.

(3) Midbrain: located at the position of contact with each of the brain and cerebellum, spinal cord, and contains important centers for the organization of eye movements and hearing.

(4) Diencephalon: It consists of two parts:

(A) the thalamus Thalamus: important vital area located below the cerebral cortex directly, and consists of a large number of nerve cells that acts as a relay of nerve signals station, often likened to the internal organization of the status of (Central) for a wide range of devices; they are the focal point for most of the signals contained the cerebral cortex, olfactory except, as it classifies incoming sensory signals and transmitted to the brain, in addition, to coordinate the hypothalamus region between different emotions. And lead to the eradication of the thalamus was the sensation of pain and the disappearance of a sense through the skin and muscle.

(B) Hypothalamus: located below the thalamus directly, and it has a very important role in the regulation and control of a lot of internal balancing mechanisms, it is also the...
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