The History of Adidas

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Adidas was established in 1920s by Alfred Dassler and his brother Rudolph Dassler in Germany. Firstly, company was produced gymnastic and soccer shoes. At the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics German athletes first showcased Dassler brothers’ shoes to the world. In 1949 Dassler brothers quarreled and Rudolph left to establish the Puma sport company while Alfred registered Adidas and the now famous three diagonal stripes. The first samples of Adidas footwear were used at 1952. Helsinki Olympics and in 1954 Germany won the Worlds Cup wearing the new screw in studs on their soccer shoes. In 1963, the first Adidas soccer ball was produced and in 1967, clothing was added to the product range. In the 1970s Adidas focused on the athletic footwear industry and middle age category. Nike entered the market in 1972 with low-quality, fashionable products and was followed by Reebok in 1979, Adolph Dassler died in 1978.The company had remained in the family until 1990, at which point Bernard Tapie, a French business tycoon and populist politician bought it. Tapie had since been jailed following his involvement in a soccer fixing scandal, so Adidas had subsequently been declared bankrupt. Robert Louis Dreyfus had just become the majority shareholders of Adidas, after purchased 15 percent of the company in 1993. Adidas acquired Salomon Group (which included Taylor made) in 1997 and became Adidas - Salomon AG. In 2004 English fashion designer Stella McCartney launched a joint-venture line with Adidas. This line was a sports performance collection for women called "Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney’’. Salomon Group was sold to Amer Sports in 2005 and in 2006 Adidas bought British sports brand Reebok. MISSION STATEMENT

Our mission is to become the best sports brand in the world. To that end, we will never equate quantity with quality. Our founder Adi Dassler was passionate about sports. For Adi, the athlete came first. He gave those on the field, the court and the track the unexpected and the little differences that made them more comfortable and improved performance. This is our legacy. This is what the brand stands for. This will never change. VISION STATEMENT

Vision statement is to make Adidas products as high as sky and as wise as an owl!

Their supply chain is large, multi-tiered and varied. They have a detailed approach to managing relationships with their suppliers and we continue to develop approaches for engaging suppliers who are part of their direct and indirect supply chain. Three primary areas are a critical part of their supply chain strategy: They internal direct relationships with suppliers, which are managed by the adidas Group sourcing organisation. It accounts for around 75% of our sourcing business in terms of sourced units. Their external indirect sourcing relationships they hold with agents and licensees. Their immediate and mid-term efforts to support suppliers impacted by the global financial crisis. Company’s Main Goals

Direct sourcing
For direct sourcing relationships with suppliers we are looking for them to achieve self-governance, to internalise and manage their social compliance and fulfil the Workplace Standards. Indirect sourcing

For indirect sourcing relationships they are looking to ensure that they are partnering with agents and licensees and developing supporting resources through external and independent monitors. Impact of the global economic crisis

With the prospect of a global recession, focusing area is transparently managing two issues that may directly impact our supply chain: Financial stability of their suppliers and long-term business continuity. The future job security of workers who make their products.

Adidas is owner of a strong portfolio and the mission of this brand as a worldwide company is to become the best sport brand in the world. Adidas is a consumer focused company due to this brand is always...
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