The Great Plauge of London

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1666 the predicted end, 1665 one of the most large scaled pandemics London has ever faced. This pandemic was known as “The Great Plague of London”.

In 1663 plague ravaged Holland and it became apparent of large scales of death rightly out of safe decent the reigning monarch Charles II forbade trade with the Dutch and any such country in which have been linked with the goods. However the stop of trade was also a descent from armed warfare in Holland in which concerned the British. Despite the efforts, all failed and with the early beginning of spring of 1665 death rates rocketed in poorer sections of London, hence The Great Plague of London begin. However even after so many deaths, the authorities chose to ignore the situation at hand. Yet spring turned to summer and hence the energetic boost of one of the hottest recorded summers multiplied the deaths substantially. Panic set in. The Nobility feared there lives. The poor put in quarantine. Yet this poses the question what happened to Stuart England in this year of 1665? How did it start?

In the days of 1665 London had experienced sweltering heats in which had a boost on the Birth rate in less economic areas in squalor and poverty, as a result a high population became apparent. As a result of this vast population increases human and household waste in which was dumped on the streets added a vast attraction rats and it was rats in which were the ambassador of the plague. Yet it was not rats in which were the theorized “maker” as it was of the plague, in fact initially it was the thing delaying the outburst: cats and dogs and as a result authorities begin paying for deaths of each of these in fives, the money given is unknown. The other theorized case was a substance, rather stench known as Myasmal, this stench Myasmal was theorized to be the sweat from manual labor in Hell. People believed the intake of this smell infected the lungs hence you became a victim, this was the most supported theory. However non of these theories were corrected The plague was really caused by disease-carrying rats in which within there blood stream harbors a minor viral disease in which is the shear beginning of the plague, flees would then take samples of there blood and spread this to humans, a vast and deadly process.

Going in to the start of the plague it was not to much surprise the first victims of the plague were found in the poorer districts of the city. The cramped living conditions these people lived in and the fact that so many actually lived in the slum areas of London, meant that many people could not avoid contact with either the rats or someone who had the disease.

Symptoms: Many sources have referred the symptoms to the song of Ring a Ring a roses, a very popular child’s rhyme in which bears reference towards the Great Plague the lyrics of the song are:

"Ring-a-ring of roses,
A pocketful of posies,
Attischo, Attischo,
We all fall down."

Beginning to philosophies this we will begin at the first line. As you can see it says ‘Ring of Roses’ this is referred back to red circular blotches that were found on the skin in which would eventually evolve in to buboes which were commonly found in sweat glands.

The second verse refers back to the section on miasmal, as you can see this bad stench miasmal was said to be reduced and neutralized by good smells. There was also another ‘benefit’ of having good smells in fact A victim’s breath started to go off as the disease got worse. The flowers perfume would have covered up this unpleasantness.

“The attisho” of course is sneezing fit/seizure that in which was followed by imminent death. Luckily some never made it this far towards the process. Often death was merciful instead of painful.

During the Plague
Chronologically the first event of the plague was the flee of the Nobility once they of course realized the rapidly increasing death rate, the Nobility would usually flee to cooperative safety of the...
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