The Functions of the Brain

Topics: Brain, Nervous system, Central nervous system Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: July 20, 2010
The Cerebrum:

I. Introduction:
1. Nervous System and the different aspects
2. Nervous system with the functions throughout the body.
3. The brain and its functions; the connections to the nervous system. 4. The cerebrum and the major connections to the nervous system and brain; why it so important to the body.
II. Thesis Statement:
The following information is about the Nervous System and its different aspects. It addresses what the nervous system is and what it consists of, the function of the nervous system in the body and its relationship to other parts of the body. It will also discuss the brain and its functions, and how the brain connects to the nervous system. Specifically it will discuss, the cerebrum which is the largest and uppermost portion of the brain, which consists of the cerebral hemispheres that are joined at the bottom by the corpus callosum, and how it controls and integrates motor, sensory, and higher mental functions, such as thought, reason, emotion, and memory.

III. Nervous System:
1. The nervous system of the human being is responsible for sending, receiving, and processing nerve impulses throughout the body. All the organs and muscles inside your body rely upon these nerve impulses to function.

2. The nervous system consists of two major divisions of nerves, 1. Central nervous system- which controls; the functions of the brain and spinal cord. 2. Peripheral nervous system- which controls all other neural elements like muscles and organs.

3. The nervous system plays an important role in the normal functioning of the human organism, because it plays an important role of survival; it makes possible the kind of learning humans need to cope with changes in their environment.

4. It maintains homeostasis by controlling and regulating the other parts of the body. Like the functioning of muscles, movement, and brain functioning as well.
5. The nervous system is made of primarily two different kinds of cells in...
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