The ecology of Pizza

Topics: Organic farming, Organic food, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Bill Cunningham

English 199

Dr. Walters

January 16, 2014

Pizza is a food that Sandra Steingraber associates with happiness. She explains how pizza jogs her memories of birthday parties and sleepovers. However, her goal of writing this piece was not to educate the reader about her love for pizza, but to draw the reader into the piece of writing so she can give support for why organic food is better than conventional.

The reader is able to connect with Sandra Steingraber with personal stories about her life and the happiness that pizza has given her. She is able to tell stories of college, becoming a mother, and even feeding her own children pizza. After she tells stories of how the pizza makes her happy, she remembers how as a young girl she would sell organic tomatoes on the side of the road for twenty-five cents a pound. And in a generation that no one knew what the word organic meant, she would explain that it is, “a way of growing food that does not use any artificial pesticides or fertilizers but instead relies on healthy soil and biological controls to keep weeds, bugs, and diseases away.”

Sandra Steingraber is able to smoothly go from talking about her personal experiences with organic food to talking about the facts of organic. Food and Agriculture have taken off in the organic industry and Steingraber is able to give facts about the growth of the industry. While there are misconceptions about organic food, she is able to explain that the myths are not true with support of facts. Meanwhile the myths of organic farms are not productive, organic farms are overrun by insects, and organic food is considerably more expensive than conventional, she is backs up her ideas with facts and details that explain why none of the myths are true. Then she would explain how she is not rich but is able to buy organic food. Likewise, she says that in the long run it is more beneficial to buy organic products because the cost to the environment will be...
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