The Definition of Art Movement

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1.0 Introduction
As we all know, Surrealism is alike and correlate to abstract art. Indeed, they shared similar foundations with DaDa, but they separated on the explanation of their meaning to the aesthetic of art.

In this essay, the researcher will give a better understanding and explain how he applied and combine the Surrealism movement and the Dada movement into his artwork to form a new movement. The researcher will explain the inspiration from the case studies and journal in the following pages.

2.0 Definition of Art Movement
2.1 Surrealism Art Movement Sanchez(n.d.) states that the leader of the Dada Art movement, Tristan Tzara, he plans to attack the society through scandal at the end of the First World War. He thinks that a society that generate war does not be worthy of having art, so he decided to creates anti-art, which is occupy ugliness rather than beauty. The bourgeoisie, the new industrial commercial world that offended by Tzara with the phrases like “Dada destroys everything!” Yet, his intended victims were not insulted at all. Instead, the intended victims think that this disobedient new expression against the “old art” and the “old patrons” of feudalism and church dominion. In truth, the bourgeoisie which hold this „rebellious‟ new art makes the anti-art became Art, the anti-academy became the Academy, the anti-conventionalism became the Convention, and the rebellion through chaotic images, the status quo.

Thru researchers understanding, the Surrealism can be categorized by two, which will be The Automatists and The Veristic Surrealists. The Automatists Surrealism been interpreted is as referring to a „suppression of consciousness in favour of the subconscious‟Sanchez(n.d.).It did not abandon the teaching of Art, but using the abstract to communicate the subconscious. In Verictic Surrealists, they do in different way. By „allowing the images of the subconscious to surface undisturbed so that their meaning could be deciphered true analysis‟Sanchez(n.d.). In Veristic Surrealism, we need to look into the artwork to understand the meaning.

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The Artist and style that will be studies will be Joan Miró i Ferrà In the page of . show the short introduction that : Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20,1893 – December 25,1983) was a world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist who was born in the sea port city of Barcelona.

Danto as cited in stated about Style of Joan Miró: “ON JANUARY 24, 1937 the Catalan artist Joan Miró, prevented by civil war from returning to his homeland, set up in the gallery of his Paris dealer, Pierre Loeb, a still life on which he worked every day for a month. The painting was finished in his studio on May 29 of that difficult year. It consists of an apple, into which a lethal, six-tined fork has been stuck; a gin bottle shrouded in torn newspaper, secured with a thong; a heel of bread; and a left shoe, its lace untied. The apple is brown, so perhaps rotten; the bread is dried; the shoe, we learn from the title Still Life with Old Shoe, is worn.

Fig 2.1 :Joan Miro - "Still Life With Old Shoe"(Source:,2010) “Each object relates to a heavy shadow, represented by black free-forms of the sort we associate with Miró‟s vocabulary of shapes-forms that came to be emblems of modern art in the plaques of Hans Arp, in the flat metal pieces on Calder mobiles and in modernesque jewelry and coffee tables, and which have their natural counterparts in deeply lobed leaves or kidneys or human feet. It is possible to read the shadow cast by the gin bottle as a weeping silhouette, but it is also possible to read too much into the painting, wanting it to be deep. The shoe is painted in yellows and greens, reds and bright blues-footwear for a one-legged harlequin. James Thrall Soby compared the work-polemical, memorial, ostensibly lamentational-with Picasso‟s Guernica, to which it was allegedly intended as an artistic...

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