The advantages of Scottish Independence outweigh the disadvantages’

Topics: United Kingdom, Scotland, Scottish independence Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: December 1, 2013
The advantages of Scottish Independence outweigh the disadvantages’ Discuss

The fight for Scotland’s independents began as early as 1707. The devolution campaign in 1999 helped Scotland become more independent due to the powers that they were able to control, such as education and their ability to create laws that don’t affect the UK. However, devolution has left Scotland wanting more control and has got them pleading for independence. Their plea for independence has had more support then ever before and this has lead to a referendum on the 18th September 2014. The debate to whether it would be more beneficial for Scotland to stay with the UK then leaving it is very big at this moment in time. One of the main reasons for why Scotland wants to be independent is that they feel that they do not get a say in who runs their country. This was proved in the 2011 election when the conservatives won. The majority of Scotland supports labour and Scotland only has one MP that sits in the conservative party, this shows that it is very unlikely that their country will be run how they want unless the rest of the UK vote for the same party and so independence would be the best solution. However, if Scotland decides to leave the UK they will lose many benefits that the UK brings to them. Some of the things Scotland benefit from is the network of defences that are put in places to defend us from attacks and the job opportunities that the rest of the UK has. By becoming independent from the UK, Scotland will have to find many solutions to the many problems that will arise, so becoming independent may not be the best solution overall. I think that Scotland need to be realistic about becoming independent and need to think about the consequences. If they become independent it’s not going to be the best situation for them as they will need to think about security and the risk of people becoming employed as well as other things. This means that the economic damage might begin as...
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