Text Timeline Unit Iii

Topics: Mali Empire, Mongol Empire, Mali Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: December 7, 2012
300-1200 CE- Empire of Ghana
610 CE- Muhammad receives first revelations of what would become the Quaran 622 CE- Founding of Islam
-Muhammad flees to Medina
730 CE- Printing invented in China
868 CE- First book printed in China
900 CE- Decline of Classical Maya
1066 CE- Norman conquest of England
1206 CE- Changgis Khan begins Mongol Conquest
1230-1600 CE- Mali emerged after the collapse of the Ghana Empire 1266 CE- Marco Polo goes to China
1279 CE- Mongol conquest of China
1346-1350 CE- Bubonic Plague(Black Death) in Europe
1400-1600 CE- Songhay Dynasty, which emerged during the decline of the the Mali Empire 1400 CE- Aztec Empire beings
1438 CE- Rise of Inca Empire

What is the relationship between the causes and consequences of the events or processes identified on the complete timeline?

Some believed that the Bubonic plague laid the foundation for the economic growth and democracy. It killed 30 to 60 percent of Europe. This caused the caste system that had been in existence for hundreds of years to fall apart. This created higher wages and increase land owning. Also, in 868 CE the first book was printed in China. If printing was not invented in China(730 CE) then we would not have been able to record information or data. We would also not be able to look back on previous books and learn from them. If we did not have printing we wouldn't have even been able to learn from our actual history book which we use in our classes today and which I am using now.

Discuss the contradictions/inconsistencies between the textbook’s chronological timeline and that of the other sources.

Some of the inconsistencies is if you are learning from your teacher and then your class book also, learning from the internet or also another book, that teacher could have been taught wrong, the book could be wrong, the internet and other books can be wrong. I'm not saying anyone could be wrong, they just may have been taught differently than...
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