Systemic Physiology

Topics: Nervous system, Human anatomy, Physiology Pages: 18 (3771 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Course Outline (Undergraduate):

Course Title Systemic Physiology I

Course Code LFS201 Faculty of Science, Health and Education

Semester 1, 2011
DISABILITY AND LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES The University offers a range of services and supports for students with a disability and it is important that these are negotiated early in the semester. Students who require alternative arrangements such as Special Exam Arrangements and assessment or study support should discuss their needs with the Disability Services Officer and/or the Course Coordinator as soon as possible. The University offers a range of academic skills services to assist students with the development of writing and study skills. Workshops on topics such as critical thinking, referencing and essay writing are held most weeks throughout the semester. PowerPoints used in the workshops and self help documents are also readily available on the portal (located on the entry "Welcome" page, click on the "Academic skills" link within the "My Organisations" menu). Students can also make an appointment with an academic skills adviser at Student Services for one-on-one assistance with study and academic writing skills.

Page 2 Course Outline: (Undergraduate) Systemic Physiology I LFS201

FIELD OF EDUCATION 010913 PROGRAM(S) Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science, Bachelor of Health (Health Promotion), Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics , Bachelor of Nutrition, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, Bachelor of Sport and Industry MAJORS AND MINORS Biomedical Science (Major), Sport and Exercise Science (Major), Physiology & Anatomy (Minor)

REQUIRED COURSE IN PROGRAM SC355 B Biomed Sci - CRICOS Code: 066285C SB302 Bbus/Bsci (Sport Man) - CRICOS Code: 063659B SC346 B Clin Ex Sci - CRICOS Code: 066298J SC354 B Nut - CRICOS Code: 061658G SC353 B Nut & Diet SC344 B Spt & ExSc - CRICOS Code: 066289K SC342 B Spt & Ind - CRICOS Code 057537G CONTACT HOURS PER WEEK LFS201 has an average of four contact hours per week which consists of: 1 x 2 hour lecture per week 1 x 1 hour tutorial class per fortnight (even weeks of teaching semester) 1 x 2.5 hour laboratory class per fortnight (odd weeks of teaching semester) PRE-REQUISITES (LFS112 Human Physiology + LFS122 Human Anatomy) or (LFS100 or SCI103 Cell Biology + SCI104 Cell Metabolism) MODE Internal UNITS 12 ENROLMENT RESTRICTIONS Nil COURSE COORDINATOR Dr Ann Parkinson Tel: 07 5430 2825 Email: COURSE MODERATOR Dr Lesley Brooker Tel: (07) 5430 1293 Email:

Date of original approval: Date of discontinuation:

Date of most recent change: 8 November 2010

Page 3 Course Outline: (Undergraduate) Systemic Physiology I LFS201

COURSE DESCRIPTION TO BE USED FOR STUDENT HANDBOOK The course takes a systemic approach to physiology and related anatomy, concentrating on the interrelationship of structure and function, the hierarchy of structural organisation and the maintenance of homeostasis at rest. The physiology of the systems is studied from the cellular level, through tissues and organs to the system level. It prepares the student for further study, looking at perturbations to the systems in exercise and in disease states. LEARNING OUTCOMES USC Graduate Attributes Learning Outcomes On completion of this course students should be able to: Laboratory Class Assessment Learning/Assessment Tasks Physiology Theory End-ofConcept Quizzes semester Assignment exam

To understand • To have relevant, discipline-based knowledge, skills and values • To be able to apply and evaluate knowledge


To develop an understanding of the physiological function of the human body systems studied. To relate the specifics of structure to the function of a human body system studied. To understand the underlying mechanisms that regulate and control the activity of the human physiological systems studied. Appreciate the integrative nature of the...
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