Swot Analysis of Nestle for Pakistan

Topics: Economics, Inflation, Organic food Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: June 20, 2012
* Has a long history of 145 years, it was founded by Henri Nestlé's in 1866. * Are low cost operators. This allows them to not only beat the competition by producing low cost products, but by also edging ahead with low operating costs. * Are major shareholder in the food industry of Pakistan

* Are a socially responsible company.
* Provide quality products.
* Employ skilled labour and educated staff.
* Have easily available products. “We have developed an intensive distribution strategy that brings our products to your door”. * Have an efficient research and development department.
* Market a strong brand name, with a wide range of products. “Understanding that people in every country have different tastes and needs, we have developed a range of food and lifestyle products”. * Have developed a bulwark financial position.

* Endeavour to operate modern cutting-edge production facilities, which enable Nestle to manufacture high quality standardised products. * Have developed an unmatched product and brand portfolio Strategy WEAKNESSES

* Have a limited presence in the organic food market
* Depend on external sources for raw materials.
* Are endlessly confronted with rising manufacturing costs. * Require a stronger marketing campaign to challenge the decreasing product awareness in the market. * Have struggled with launching expensive international brands due to their focus on lower income groups. * Is a relatively new company in Pakistan as compare to its rivals, such as Lever Brothers. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS

Nestle should:
* Consider adopting a credit policy to increase sales.
* Develop some farms of its own.
* Explore the organic foods market.
* Explore support from the Government of Pakistan for in-country investment opportunities. THREATS
Nestle faces:
* The growth of the...
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