Survival: Brain and the Body

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Decision making Pages: 4 (1981 words) Published: July 18, 2014
8 May 2014

Throughout life, we may or may not realize how lucky we are in everyday life. We literally play invisible “Russian roulette” by just waking up to go about our daily routine. In reading, Deep Survival, I was faced with many scenarios and explanations as to why/how those we witnessed life in “high risk” scenarios were classified as being rescued or being a victim. As well as, I was given “Aha!” moments in ways those who have beyond training vs those with none, are given the same outcome, which is luck. As you read further, I’ve explained my understanding from this book as well as my interpretation on how the body and brain react to trauma from collections found in Gonzales book. Some of the theories presented in this book are based on biology and the human chemical makeup. One of the key points was the difference between making decisions based on emotion and making decisions in the reality set which processes from information based on the facts in front of you. In the book, Deep Survival, the author, Laurence Gonzales, argued that those circumstances we hear about and ask “what were they thinking” could happen to us on a daily basis because of our human nature and physiology. Our emotional brain is separate, physically and in theory, from our logical brain, so when we have strong emotions (the high surprise and rush of adrenalin from something "amazing") we are not always able to access our rational decision center to analyze our current surroundings (to live/see as if we had blinders on(tunnel vision)). We instead act based on our trained emotions. With our trained emotions, they come from a period of life lessons which either result in a bad outcome (those that we avoid) or a good outcome (those that we feel comfortable in doing again). Our responses are dictated by past experiences, so if we have never experienced a "high risk situation", we may not be able to comprehend such scenario and choose to avoid the risk which...
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