Supporting Teaching and Learning

Topics: Human rights, Data Protection Act 1998, Childhood Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: June 4, 2013
3. Understand legislation, policies and procedures for confidentiality and sharing information, including data protection.

3.1 Summarise the main points of legislation and procedures covering confidentiality, data protection and disclosure of information.

Working within school there are three main pieces of legislation that we need to be aware of, The Children’s act 2004, Every Child Matters( England 2005) and Data Protection Act 1998. These are constantly being updated and they deal with recognising the individual needs of each child and respecting their human rights, making sure that all agencies involved with the children communicate with each other sharing relevant information. There are also school policies, such as the Confidential policy, Health and Safety policy and Child Protection policy that adults working in school need to be aware of. All information kept at school is confidential and needs parental permission. There are eight principles of practice that govern this. Information must be:

processed fairly and lawfully
used only for the purpose for which it was gathered
adequate, relevant and not excessive
accurate and kept up to date where necessary
kept for no longer than necessary
processed in line with the individual’s rights
kept secure
not transferred outside the European Union without
adequate protection.

As TA's we need to know some information about the children we work with and who we can share the information with.

TDA 3.1 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults. Nikki Groom L 3 STL 3018 0225

Explain the importance of reassuring children, young people and adults of the confidentiality of shared information and the limits of this.

At times parents may need to be reassured that all information kept at school is confidential. They are often asked to sign consent forms if there is a need to share any information held about their...
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