Supply Management Notes

Topics: Supply chain management, Logistics, Inventory Pages: 3 (514 words) Published: March 26, 2013
1. What activities does supply management include?

The supply chain includes all the activities and exchanges involved in extracting, processing, manufacturing and distributing goods and services from raw materials through to the end consumer. Supply chain management requires a holistic view of these activities and an innovative approach to their organisation, in order to meet customer needs with the greatest efficiency.

2. How does physical flow and ownership flow work?

Physical Flow the movement of goods and method of transport, from one part of the chain to another. Ownership Flow the transfer of title for ownership/usage from one channel member to another. This is important for legal aspects of delivery, damage and storage by the producer and intermediary as well as the final customer.

3. What other types of flow are there?

Service Flow if services are rendered as part of the process or the end product is a service or mainly service based, it is necessary to ensure that all the characteristics of the services are fully understood. Information Flow there is a need for timely and accurate two-way information between all channel members. Payment Flow there is a necessity for agreed payment transfer terms based upon services rendered or goods delivered. Promotion Flow a flow of communication material needs to be used to influence both trade partners and consumers. The objectives of the promotion will be to produce a positive attitude and image for the retailer.

4. What are channel relationships?

The relationship between the suppliers and retailers.

5. Retail logistics systems depend on what aspects?

The incorporate the following functions:
* The physical movement of goods
* The holding of these goods in stockholding points
* The holding of goods in quantities required to meet demand from the end consumer * The management and administration of the process which, in modern complex distribution systems, is a...
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