Supply chain security programs

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Supply chain security programs

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I.The Displacement effect in cargo theft4
II.Supply chain management under the threat of international terrorism – Yossi Sheffi6 I.Piracy in the Horn of Africa and its effects on the global supply chain8


Use of the Introduction to speak about the FSR and the TSR which are the Security requirements that will be developed in link with our articles? So then in each part concerning the articles we will not repeat the same this about the TSR and FSR TAPA stands for “Transported Asset Protection Association”. It is a not for profit organisation which mission is to minimize cargo losses from the supply chain. To become leader in fight against cargo crime, TAPA has developed and applied global security standards, recognized industry practices, technology, education, benchmarking, regulatory collaboration, and proactively identifies crime trends and supply chain security threats. All those measure enable TAPA to reduce cargo theft. Thus TAPA security standards (TSR/FSR/TACSS) have been established to ensure the safe and secure transportation, storage handling of any TAPA member’s (Buyer’s) assets throughout the world. The FSR: Freight Security Requirements is the minimum standards for transporting products, and the “Trucking Security Requirements” (TSR) represents minimum standards, specifically for transporting products via road within a supply chain. The TSR is a tool intended for users and providers of trucking services. It provides a common standard of security measures for the transportation of cargo that can be used to form an agreement between a Buyer (shipper) and LSP (carrier) of trucking. In the development of these standards, TAPA has recognized the multiple differences in how trucking services are provided globally, regionally and even within companies and that the TSR may apply to all or part of the services provided by a LSP. In this paper the focus will be set on an in-depth case study of the FSR and the TSR which is the FSR implemented for road freight. Four articles will be linked to those Security Requirements, namely The displacement effect in cargo theft (Ekwall, 2009) ++++ AUTRES NOMS

I.The Displacement effect in cargo theft

In its article, Daniel Ekwall analyses and explains why cargo theft continues to occur in the transport network despite all implemented countermeasures. The World Trade Centre terrorist attack brought to light the deficiency in security within the cargo transport and the vulnerability of modern supply chains concerning for example the problem of cargo theft. Shippers and buyers noticed the necessity of increasing the security of the global supply chain. For example, the business discovered that they no, or very little, control over which people were on a terminal or what there were doing there. Thus the transport security strategy – which is the management approach to reducing the impact of cargo theft – should impact the three levels of logistics that all the supply chain possess: infrastructure, resources, and materials. Cargos thefts happen when the infrastructure and/or the resources allowed to stock, transport, secure the merchandise are in a certain configuration which is referred as “theft opportunity”. So, companies try to reduce the “theft opportunity” in order to struggle against cargo theft because it is crucial to remember that “if there is no opportunity, there is no crime (Felson and Clarke, 1998)”. To do so the first and easiest way is to secure the infrastructures by using physical countermeasures correctly such as locks, seals, guards etc... So a possible theft becomes harder and riskier to commit which is exactly the purpose of the TSR (Truck Security Requirements). Indeed, it includes a long and detail list of requirements that the shipper and the carrier must fulfil to increase the security of the merchandise and of the...
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